AM Residential Standard Operating Procedures

Pursuant to New York State law, A.M. Residential Marketing LLC is required to publish its Standard Operating Procedures that detail prerequisites that all prospective Buyer/Renter must meet before they receive services from an A.M. Residential Marketing LLC Agent in New York State.


Prospective Client's IDs:

Prospectibve Buyers/Renters are not required to provide their identification prior to entering a property for a showing or making an offer on such property.

Please note, although A.M. Residential Martketing LLC does not require identification before entering a property for showing or making an offer on such property, a seller or landlord or third party in the transaction may elect this requirement for their property and/or as part of any offer. 


Exclusive Broker Agreement:

A.M. Residential Marketing does not require exclusive brokerage agreement between a buyer and A.M. Agent prior to the rendition of brokerage services. A prospective buyer and agent may mutually agree to utilize an exclusive buyer representation agreement at their own discretion.


Pre-Approval / Proof of Funds:

A.M. Residential Marketing LLC does not require prospective homebuyers to provide a mortgage pre-approval or proof of funds to begin work with a licensee.

Sellers may require a mortgage pre-approval and/or proof of funds at their discretion before allowing prospective buyers to view a property, or when considering offers. If a seller imposes such a requirement, the buyer's agent will communicate the seller's request to the buyer while working with them.